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About Us

At Octa Medical, we are committed to providing exceptional medical care to our community. Our non-corporate general practice is locally owned and operated, and we prioritize our patients' well-being above all else. Our team believes in the power of teamwork, strong referral networks, and experienced support to deliver the highest quality of care possible. We strive to create a work environment that encourages doctors to follow their passions, advance their careers, and truly love what they do.


We welcome new patients and offer designated on-site parking for those with appointments. Our practice is wheelchair-friendly, and we're proud to provide our patients with two hours of free parking on-site at the Nepean Health Hub.

Consultation Fees

As per our billing policy, children under 16 and pension and health care card holders will be bulk billed.

For all other patients the following fees apply:

Standard consultation:                                   Fee: $70.00                    Rebate: $41.20 

Telehealth consultation:                                 Fee: $70.00                   Rebate: $41.20 

Long Consultation:                                            Fee: $120.00                Rebate: $79.70 

Prolonged consultation:                                 Fee: $150.00                Rebate: $117.40 

After Hours standard Consultation:        Fee: $80.00                   Rebate: $53.65 

After Hours Long Consultation:                Fee: $130.00                 Rebate: $92.00 

After hours consultation fees are incurred for any appointments before 8am weekdays, after 1pm Saturdays and all-day Sunday appointments. 


Practice policy states that Telehealth will be available to those who have been seen in person within the last 3 months, to allow your doctor to provide best practice medicine. 


Telehealth consultations with parents and carers are only eligible for Medicare rebates if the child or patient is present for the appointment. 

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